Success Stories

Capital Regional District - Phase I 2013-2014

Phase I was delivered on time, on budget and exceeded the program target of reaching 3000 Multi-Unit Residential Building units.

Total number of Tap by Tap Fixtures installed: Showerheads: 3,171, Kitchen Aerators: 1,370, Bathroom Aerators: 1,348

Annual Water, Energy and GHG Savings: Total Water Savings (L): 43,767,052, Total Energy Savings Gas (GJ): 5,029, Total Energy Savings – Electric (kWh): 548,085, Total GHG Savings (tonnes CO2e): 265.1

Annual Financial Savings ($): Water/Sewer Costs: $114,826, Energy Savings (kWh): $55,849, Energy Savings (GJ): $62,224, Total Savings: $232,899


This program ran successfully in 2011 and has now ended.
The Tap by Tap program was piloted in the District of Saanich in a partnership with the Capital Regional District (CRD) and Fortis BC. The Tap by Tap program thanks the District of Saanich, the CRD and Fortis BC for their leadership and financial support which helped create the foundation for the current and future Tap by Tap initiatives in municipalities across BC.
Why did more than 1,000 residents participate in Tap By Tap Saanich?

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