Capital Regional District - Phase I 2013-2014


Phase I was delivered on time, on budget and exceeded the program target of reaching 3000 Multi-Unit Residential Building units.

Total number of Tap by Tap Fixtures installed: Showerheads: 3,171, Kitchen Aerators: 1,370, Bathroom Aerators: 1,348

Annual Water, Energy and GHG Savings: Total Water Savings (L): 43,767,052, Total Energy Savings Gas (GJ): 5,029, Total Energy Savings – Electric (kWh): 548,085, Total GHG Savings (tonnes CO2e): 265.1

Annual Financial Savings ($): Water/Sewer Costs: $114,826, Energy Savings (kWh): $55,849, Energy Savings (GJ): $62,224, Total Savings: $232,899