About Tap by Tap

Tap by Tap is a free & easy program designed to help residents start saving water, energy, and money.

With the easy installation of new, high efficiency fixtures, residents enjoy the same steady flow showers and clean dishes but with lower energy bills. Definitely win-win. Using less water reduces the strain on local natural water supplies. Using less energy for hot water heating means fewer greenhouse gas emissions are produced, one step towards slowing climate change.

Tap by Tap Program Benefits

The Tap by Tap program provides a wide range of co-benefits for program sponsors, participating local governments, and the community, including:


  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions generated through water heating
  • Enhanced drinking water quality by maintaining higher water levels in reservoirs
  • Defers the need for developing new sources of drinking water


  • Energy bill savings
  • Water and sewer bill savings
  • Reduced cost, energy, and materials required to treat and deliver water and deal with waste water

Social: Housing affordability and energy poverty are two very important social issues in BC. The Tap by Tap multi-unit residential program and its focus on rental buildings provides an opportunity to:

  • Support housing affordability by reducing energy bills, for tenants that pay their own energy bills
  • Reduce operational costs for property management firms and/or owners who pay water, sewer, or energy bills


Cultural: Tap by Tap and similiar programs have the potential to build upon a growing culture of sustainability and enhance community pride for collective action on reducing water and energy consumption and reducing collective greenhouse gas emissions.


Program Delivery and Sponsorship

Tap by Tap is a program of the non-profit organization City Green Solutions. Each community program is sponsored by various local governments and/or utility partners. Tap by Tap was developed thanks in part to funding from the Government of Canada. To begin a Tap by Tap program in your multi-unit residential building or community, or for other inquiries, please contact savings@citygreen.ca.